You read that right.

Kyoto Seika University announced today that starting in April of next year, new students can begin studying towards a doctorate degree in manga studies.

Part of Kyoto Seika's manga museum

The university is known for featuring manga-based curriculum. In 2000, the school made waves as the first university to introduce a specialized area of manga studies, and created a master’s degree program in manga studies last year.

The P.H.D. program is just the most recent step the school has made to bring manga into the academic world.

As the Anime News Network details,

The university notes that the creation of the doctorate program is a response to internationalization of manga culture, increased public support, and developments in digital media and global contents culture. The faculty’s teaching staff includes To Terra creator Keiko Takemiya and manga translator and cultural anthopologist Matt Thorn.

The school will accept 4 to 12 students into the new program starting in April 2012, depending on interest and the number of applications received. If this seems like your dream academic program, you might want to get busy applying soon!

Read more about the program and Kyoto Seika’s policies at the school’s website.

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  1. Hm… I wonder if this is true or not

    If it is, I wish to have this passed on to most other colleges in the U.S. so I can apply THERE as well

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