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What is up, KKS readers! larcboy04 here! To do a follow up on my exclusive KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi L’Arc~en~Ciel Honolulu Live Reports, I made videos talking about the lives. What makes these videos different is that I included way more details than I did on the blog, PLUS! Bonus footages from the LE-CIEL live. Shhhhh! 🙂

5.31 Public Show

6.01 LE-CIEL Fan Club ONLY Show

Here’s a video of the Mayor of Honolulu declaring 5.31 as the official L’Arc~en~Ciel Day!

Here’s the last song they played at the LE-CIEL Live! 星空 (Hoshizora)

By the way, thank you so much for reading the live reports. Together, it received 60+ Tweets & 170+ Facebook likes! WOW! I hope you enjoyed both the written and video reports. I will definitely do something similar to this when VAMPS do a show in California! 😉

Jason Vong

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