Lawson is a convenience store franchise chain in Japan. The store originated in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, but today exists as a Japanese company.

Lawson’s holiday selections are amazing. From the character holiday cakes to party festivity foods including the roast chickens, ham, Chinese food, of course, SUSHI and etc. They have a variety of selections. I wish we had Lawson here.

This great convenience store chain originated the Milk company in Ohio.

Historic photo of the Lawson’s plant. (Photo courtesy Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society Museum)

In 1939, dairy owner James “J.J.” Lawson started a store at his Broad Boulevard dairy plant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to sell his milk.
The Lawson’s Milk Company grew to a chain of stores, primarily in Ohio.

Lawson was bought out by Consolidated Foods in 1959. Lawson’s neighborhood convenience stores were common in Ohio from the 1960s through the mid-1980s, selling orange juice, milk, deli counter ‘chipped’ style ham and sour cream potato chip dips.

Consolidated was renamed Sara Lee in 1985.

At about the same time, Lawson’s stores in the United States were sold to Dairy Mart a smaller chain of convenience stores located in Enfield, Connecticut. Dairy Mart moved its headquarters to Cuyahoga Falls, renamed the Lawson’s stores, and operated the chain as Dairy Mart for the next 17 years.

In 1974, Consolidated signed a formal agreement with Daiei to open the first Lawson stores in Japan. On April 15, 1975, Daiei Lawson Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiei, Inc., a retail company which also ran a supermarket chain. The first store opened in Sakurazuka, Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture in June 1975. In September 1979 the official name was changed to Lawson Japan, Inc. The Mitsubishi Corporation became the main shareholder in 2001.

Lawson is one of the top convenience store chains in Japan, third to convenience franchise giants 7-Eleven and FamilyMart. All of the usual Japanese convenience store goods such as magazines, video games, manga, soft drinks, onigiri, and bento are available. They have occasionally collaborated on tie-ins with various companies.

To date, Lawson operates over 11,384 stores in all 47 prefectures of Japan, as well as in Shanghai and Chongqing, China. In August 2011, Lawson opened their first store in Jakarta, Indonesia.

With the establishment of “Lawson USA Hawaii, Inc.” Lawson returned to the U.S. market, with two locations in Honolulu opening on July 7, 2012.

Lawson works to reduce electricity consumption at the stores to reduce their environmental impact. Setting “Toward a 20% reduction in electricity consumption per-store compared to the fiscal 2010” as its medium-term energy saving target for fiscal 2020, Lawson is proactively introducing energy-saving refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment as well as LED lighting in its store facilities.
So LAWSON is eco-friendly amazing convenience store chain.

Especially their Oden is awesome by the way!

If you have a chance to go to Japan during the holiday season, please visit LAWSON.

You won’t believe that it’s a convenience store.

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