LEGO CatBus from My Neighbor Totoro


Lost the little one of your LEGO guys because she’s wander off somewhere and you cannot find her? Well… BOOM! LEGO CatBus got your block citizens of the forest covered! Introducing this awesome LEGO CatBus from the Anime, My Neighbor Totoro! Here at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, we have been too focused on Totoro and Makkuro Kurosuke, so seeing this awesome LEGO CatBus screamed “AWWWWW” and “SOOOOMMMEEE!!” Because it’s CUTE and AWESOME! COOL is in there somewhere!

Fear not, this is not a display type of novelty. It moves! YOU CAN PLAY WITH IT! There are wheels attached to the bottom but when you roll it, the wheels will triggers the legs to move! It moves like does in the movie! Well, kinda. Just in more of a LEGO motion kind of way! Check this video out for yourself!

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Unfortunately, we don’t know if it’s available here in the US, but if LEGO CatBus ever gets it’s way here, heck “Shut up and Take My Money!” Hey Disney, I’m talking to you! You’re releasing My Neighbor Totoro in Blu-Ray, so how’s about you and the guys and LEGO and in Japan work something out for the kids here, eh?

For now, just enjoy this little sweet piece of eye candy!

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