At Anime Expo 2017, Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi had an opportunity to interview LEMONA DESIGN, the designer of Lemon & Sugar.

── Can you tell us about the concept of Lemon & Sugar?

LEMONA DESIGN The theme of Lemon & Sugar is a sour-sweet world, highlighted by Lemon-chan, a girl who is in love with love, and Sugar-kun, a stuffed animal who has feelings for Lemon-chan. The title “Lemon & Sugar” describes the up-downs of love and life in general.

── How did you think of the characters?

LEMONA DESIGN Back in 2004, I received an international award for a short animation. I was able to express my emotions fully at that time, but the “art” aspect seemed to strong, and I felt that it didn’t reach the hearts of the general audience. From there, I began to aim for a story that can capture the hearts of people around the world, like the stories created by Studio Ghibli and Pixar. To create such a captivating story, I felt the need to create two characters with contrasting personalities, and came up with Lemon & Sugar.

── What do you hope to achieve at Anime Expo 2017?

LEMONA DESIGN I’d like to see the reactions of these guests when they first see Lemon & Sugar. My goal is for Lemon & Sugar to become an international character, and I believe that Anime Expo 2017 will become the first step.

── Are there any characters or designers you have received influence from?

LEMONA DESIGN I hope Lemon & Sugar becomes a “classic” character. In that sense, characters such as Moomin and Snoopy are greatly influential. These characters are not just adorable, but also have a philosophical side. I hope that Lemon & Sugar becomes a Japanese-based character with such deepness.

── At Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, we aim to spread the cutest, coolest, and most amazing aspects of Japanese culture. What do you think fits such criteria?

LEMONA DEISGN There are a lot of things I can think of, but I will choose Studio Ghibli movies because they have inspired me ever since I was young. I hope that I can make stories like Hayao Miyazaki one day.

── Thank you!

Official Site: Lemon & Sugar

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