awesome box, but it is definitely misleading about how easy this stuff is. i highly doubt american kids would put up with making their own candy!

Sooooo I got to make another popin’ cookin creation today!!! So this one wasn’t as difficult as the sushi, but the panda bear and noodles were challenging. And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I wouldn’t think that any kids would like this much work involved in making their candy, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I did like the method to put the panda face on, very smart. But can someone please tell me what the red thing is? It’s creeping me out! Anyways, check out my deatailed account of how I took on the popin’ cookin “Let’s Make a Lunch Box!” candy set.

of course, multiple packaging in the Japanese tradition
everything that comes with the set
thank god it's color coded! mixin the orange stuff..
not sure what the red thing is....there were squids all over the box though...still not sure about having a squid in my lunch box
white stuff for the panda bear body!
mixin up the panda bear ingredients...

panda bear head - the first step
2nd step: sticking on the panda face!
Awww kawaii!! (even though the eye didn't come out perfect)
now for the ears...
finished panda bear...i give myself one thumb up
first attempt at noodles=fail
2nd attempt ftw!
perfect coil!
finished product!
ok, so it's not perfect looking, but it tastes the same!!

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  1. The red thing is supposed to be a hot dog cut up to look like an octopus. Octopus-shaped hot dogs are quite common in home-made bento lunches for children.

  2. “i highly doubt american kids would put up with making their own candy!”

    Really? Of all the kids in the world, I’d think American kids would be most prone to “toys” or kits for making their own candy or other sweet treats.

    I’ve seen gummy worm/bug makers (geared towards boys), and there’s the classic Easy Bake Oven for more cake-like treats. A quick search on Amazon brought up a candy ring maker, a candy dot maker, a cotton candy machine, and more.

    P.S. Your post links are still not working if reading the blog through an RSS reader. It looks like a bug with your WordPress plugin “Feed Statistics.”

    1. okayyyy thanks for the insight. and we’re working on the RSS feed, thanks for the heads up.

  3. these look really fun1 I have read a lot about them -wants- where can you get them?

    1. check out our front page post right now! we have a limited supply of popin cookin for sale!

  4. Can i get this in sweden???? becuse i look at it on youtube and its look verry funn! I NUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I<3POPIN COOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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