17-year-old Japanese schoolgirl Natsumi Hayashi, better known as “Tokyo’s Levitating Girl”, has caused a stir over her photographic skills.

In her attempt to really carve her own niche in society and the art world, Hayashi poses for photographs on a daily basis in busy public places like subway terminals and bridges. She also poses by herself.

What really makes Hayashi’s photos stand out is the fact that her feet aren’t ever planted on the ground.

In each photo, she gives the appearance of levitating in the air, but of course she isn’t possessed by some dark spirit.

As this Daily Mail article explains, Hayashi often has to jump up in the air two hundred (!) times or so, so the camera’s timer or her friend are able to capture the exact moment that her feet lift off the ground.

The end result is some pretty impressive pictures.

The Daily Mail goes into detail with Hayashi about her project and why she keeps making these sorts of photos:

Miss Hayashi says the symbolic meaning of her photographs was inspired by an old English phrase. ‘I got the idea from an English idiom that says ‘to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground,’ which applies to a practical type of person,’ she said.

‘In Japan, we have the exact same idiom. But I am not a practical person at all. Therefore, I try ‘not to have my feet firmly on the ground’ in my self-portrait photos to show my true self.'”

I’d say she’s succeeding, as her photos have made her quite the sensation in Japan and worldwide.

Click here to visit her blog, where you can view all the photos thus far in her artistic journey.



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