The British news network ITN recently ran a story about a ‘pet cafe’ in Japan called Usagi to Cafe, in which patrons who love bunnies/rabbits can come and indulge in some rabbit-shaped curry for lunch and/or play with some cute little pet bunnies. Visitors have to pay to play with the bunnies, but overall this is a pretty interesting idea. I don’t think this could ever work here in the USA, with all our fire codes and rules and regulations making fun little ideas like this impossible.

The concept of a petting zoo inside a cafe all catering to bunnies is pretty undeniably cute, though. Everyone likes bunnies, so who could possibly take issue with this sort of ‘pet cafe’?

Check out the video that ITN ran about the story….

I, for one, would love a cafe/restaurant in the US where we could order some tuna sandwiches and then play with some puppies….while that might not be the cleanest, most hygienic way to do things, it would provide some amusement at least.

What do you think about this concept of ‘pet cafe’? Is it a good idea, or completely unnecessary?

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  1. I think this is great, I wish they had this in America! People with pets live longer, happier, healthier lives generally.. so being in an over populated city like I am, and without access to pets.. this would be just the best version of spa treatment, I think! I think if you consider all that, and how a massage is pretty much the same thing but we don’t call those kinda of spas “unneeded” you can see how this is just a lovely idea. I wonder if they’re still around!

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