New from the land of Outlandish Brand Collaborations: Reebok and the Ghost in the Shell franchise have teamed up to bring the world… these things. Actually, they”re sneakers, about as much as you”d expect from Reebok. They”re blue. They”re supposed to resemble a Tachikoma – which, if you haven”t watched Ghost in the Shell, is an artificial-intelligence driven robot that scuttles around like nbso a giant bug and shoot stuff.  The Tachikoma appear all over the Ghost in the Shell universe, and even in other works by Masamune Shirow.

The thing that makes these shoes special? There”s only 500 pairs in the world, and they”re only available in Japan. Go figure. I expect they will cost some MAJOR moolah when they go on sale next Saturday. (If the 21,000¥ figure on the bottom of the photo above is to be believed, we”re looking at approximately $265 for a pair, by today”s conversion rates.)

What do you think? Would you buy them, or should it be burned with fire?

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