Ok, so you asked and you shall receive, dear readers! We have gotten a ridiculous amount of requests for these highly sought-after candy making kits, so, first of all, if we haven’t responded to you, don’t worry! All that matters is that you get your request in NOW! This is first come, first serve from here on out, so copy and paste this email right now: ilovepopincookin@gmail.com and in the subject line enter “I LOVE CANDY!!”

Now, we were able to get our hands on a limited supply of this stuff, and trust us, it was not easy, but we did it for you, dear readers! So we cleaned out every Japanese store in the LA area and here’s what we found:

(click on link for our post about it)

SO don’t forget to mention which kit you want in your email! We will try our best to get everyone the kit that they want, but we are very limited as you can tell, so like we said, it’s a first come, first serve situation. And we would love to give these away, but they did cost us a pretty penny and plus we did the legwork to go buy these suckers and brave the LA traffic for 3 days of searching for these puppies, so we’re asking a flat rate of $12 each (that’s it, done deal, shipping already accounted for).

Alright, bring it on, folks! And to tease you, check out the sexiness that’s sitting on our desk right now, just waiting for you….

8 of the ever-popular sushi kit are in stock….

11 of the pizza/spaghetti candy!

5 bento boxes (it is way fun making the panda!)

aaand 3 of the extra delicious cake and ice cream kit!

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  1. Hey Linglie and Lisa, email us at kawaiisugoiblog@gmail.com with what kind of Popin’ Cookin you want and your location and we’ll see what we can do. We still have some available, so you might be in luck!

    1. you know what? YES WE DO! We will have online store very soon and i will keep you posted!

  2. I’m in south korea is it possible,and how much is the shipping?????i really want to buy it

    1. We are sorry, All the poppin cookin are sold out. But They’ll be back shortly. I will let you know when they are restocked! Thank you for your interests 🙂

    1. Sorry, it’s soldout. We will get some for you pretty soon! I will let you know when poppin cookin Pizza is back!!!

  3. i really want a bento kit one so bad i tried to find in stores but no luck, and i live in pennsyvania 🙁 🙁

  4. hi, can i get 1 box of different popin cookin and send to vietnam, ho chi minh city. adress is 8A, nyugen biem kiem, somerset ho chi minh city. or is there any japanese stores in vietnam?

  5. I am dieing for one of thoughs.i always look at the same video over and over hopeing someday I’ll get the poppin cookin sushi candy kit
    Love cat or Catherine

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