Check out this trailer of a so-called live action Pokemon movie, entitled Pokemon: Apokelypse

Before you get all excited and ready to bust out your Ash Ketchum hat and sprint to your local theatre, I have to inform you that this isn’t a real movie.

Instead, it’s a remarkably impressive-looking fan-made video.

It’s easy to think it’s real, though. The quality of the trailer is pretty good, despite the weird CGI rendering of several Pokemon, including Pikachu, who looks much too thin and rat-like.

Still, this would have made for a pretty awesome movie, just based on campy-ness alone.

Maybe the success of this fake trailer will inspire a real movie….only time will tell.

I especially like the ending of the trailer, when Ash is asked “when will this stop??” and he coldly replies – “WHEN I’VE CAUGHT THEM ALL.”

Such drama.

— Adrian G.

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