Bandai released a hilarious yet sad promotional video for their latest capsule product called Lives of Erasers. It’s a bittersweet love story about a couple who learn to accept their fate as erasers. The song is called “I’m Your Eraser” by Rubber Eraser.

Girl: I keep getting smaller and smaller.
This moment and this warmth turn into crumbs and disappear.
Girl: Together forever?
Boy: Yeah. Together forever.
Girl: I don’t want to disappear…
A guy who accepts his fate and a girl who resists hers
Girl: I don’t want change!
Boy: I know! But we get used, become smaller, and gradually disappear!
A magnificent love story that involves sacrificing life
Boy: No change is no fun.
Girl: I guess we’re going to keep changing.
Lives of Erasers

Boy and Girl

Freaked Out



Old Man

The erasers go on sale sometime this year. Part of me hopes Bandai will make this a mini-webseries, but another part of me hopes they don’t, because I don’t think I’ll be able to use another eraser again!


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