5-member performance group lol that will be making their major debut in August, held a debut commemorative event “lol live circuit 2015 ~fire!~” in Osaka.

lol consist of two male members (Sato Yusuke and Komiyama Naoto) and three female members (honoka, moca, and hibiki), and they are releasing their debut song “fire!” on August 12.


As three of the members — Moca, Honoka, and Komiyama– are from Osaka, and this marked their first commemorative event in Osaka, the local audience welcomed them with excited cheering.

During the event, the group performed not only their debut song, but also “HEARTBEAT“, the theme song for TV Asahi anime “Tribe Cool Crew“, as well as their standard song for live “gimme gimme“.

At the end of the event, the audience shouted, saying “Be 100% sure to come visit here again~!” which the group answered with the promise “We’ll come back!”

Check out the PV of lol’s debut song “fire!” below!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CBaue8Vm0k’]
Source & Image: Oricon and Tokyohive

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