On January 17th of 2011, New York City”s premier college for fashion design, FIT, was host to the second fashion show, hosted by J-Summit. The event was one of the biggest in February, and kicked off a weekend of j-style and j-music related festivities all across the city. We were fortunate enough to attend last minute, and bring some images of this event to everyone here!!

The show started with a short lecture introducing the styles, cosplay, maid cafes and visual kei. After that, the fashion show itself started. There was no runway, so the models walked across the stage. Most popular cosplays were Kuroshitsuji (with TWO different Ciels), Vocaloid and the ever-present Naruto. Indeed, in some parts of New York City, you can”t walk down the street without tripping over a Hatsune Miku or an Itachi (or the infamous Black Inuyasha) on a Wednesday afternoon, but Kuroshitsuji is a new addition, the popularity  of which was probably boosted by the fact that the visual kei band  the GazettE did an opening theme.  There were also some displays of visual, gothic and lolita styles, as well as two Putumayo creations.

After the display of the cosplays and outfits, the next presentation was makeup artist Akiko Yoshizawa”s demonstration of how to create basic visual and lolita makeup. Several of the models came out for the demonstration. Some tips on basic makeup were given:

  • For lolita looks, keep the colors very light and soft. Make sure the foundation is smooth and not streaky, and try to use slightly lighter color of foundation than your natural skin online casino canada tone.
  • The gothic look should emphasize the eyes and keep the rest of the face as pale and as empty as possible. It is recommended to use a very light lipstick and very dark eyeshadow colors. Blend another hue with black to give the eye color more depth.
  • To achieve the “Mana” look,  keep the gothic eyes, and make them as big and round and doll-like as possible. Fake eyelashes do wonders, as do circle lenses. Redraw your upper lip line to make the defined cupid”s bow. Lips should have a very clear, defined edge against the skin. Pick a lipstick that matches the shade of your eyeshadow.

The second part of the demonstration was, Akiko and two of her assistants, transforming three models into beautiful otherworldly creatures. One was decorated with stunning black feathers; another”s eyes were accentuated with applications of gold foil and glitter. The centerpiece of the presentation was a model in pure white, with black chains descending across her face. The three women worked on the models simultaneously, transforming them in front of everyone”s eyes in record time.

Finally the event closed with a tea party downstairs from the room in which thepresentations were held. Some free products were given out, as well as an opportunity for photos. People intermixed and discussed the event at hand. Representatives from various sponsors and such were also present. Most notably, there was a table where one could purchase singles of 凛 -the end of corruption world-, Kisaki”s newest band. The turnout for the event had definitely been much larger than expected.
In addition to the fashion show, FIT has been running an exibit on Japanese fashion, JAPAN FASHION NOW, featuring styles from all kinds of designers, from Junya Watanabe and Rei Kawakubo, to Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and h.Naoto.

Finally, you can check out more examples of the work of Akiko Yoshizawa at her official site, www.ak2akiko.web.fc2.com which has links to her blog and many photos. J-summit, the organizers of this fashion show, hold monthly events at Webster Hall in the lower East Side of NYC, which usually feature the best local Japanese artists.

Photos by Isabella Bravo. Big thank you for coming through at last moment!!

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