American actor Keanu Reeves was supposed to star as Kaneda in the live-action film adaptation of the classic manga series Akira, but apparently he just quit the film.

Reeves in his now-infamous meme


According to this post by Contact Music, Reeves walked away from the project during pre-production. This doesn’t really mean the film is in danger, since it hasn’t even been green-lit by Warner Brothers yet. The Akira film is still very, very early in the pre-production stage, so the filmmaking crew shoudl ahve plenty of time to find a replacement.

Casting and development for Akira has taken a long time, as is expected with a film that will inevitably be very heavily scrutinized by hardcore anime and manga fans confused about an American remake.

As we posted about in the past, rumors have swirled about the Akira project for almost a year now, with actors like Reeves and James Franco attached to the film at various times.

We’ll just have to keep waiting for more information about the movie’s progress (or lack thereof).

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