Pie no mi is one of my favorite little treats for tea times. This PIE NO MI is a mini chocolate snack from Japan. You can get a regular chocolate pie no mi from Asian Markets but not this special flavor, “caramel latte”!!

“Caramel latte”… sounds YUMMY! I’ve never had one before and was so excited to try one. It’s fluffy chocolate pies baked to perfection with such a special flavor… when i opened a package and had a first bite, it was perfection. period. Personally i think this is the best one of LOTTE chocolate series. You know they have a huge selection of chocolate right? If you are a Caramel latte and coffee lover like me, you will LOVE this awesome box of mini pies. It’s an addiction.

mini recipe on a box… put vanilla ice cream on top of pies! gotta try that 🙂

cute cartoons everywhere on a package..

Super popular Lotte treats never fail to taste good. You know what? Very kids friendly package. It even comes packaged in a handy hinged box. Ready to tuck in and save some for later! 

Caramel latte… you are my favorite.

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  1. HellO! I was excited to try the web address on the back of the box, but it wouldn’t work for me. I thought since there were musical notes on the inside of the box and the word song in the address, that it would take me to to a song! 🙂 I can’t read Japanese so I can’t read the rest.

    These are very good! Just had my first one tonight. 🙂


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