It’s a snack review monday! If you are a lover of RUM or wine, you’ll love this!

I remember when i was a kid, my mom was pretty into this chocolate. Now i know why she loves it. It’s a chocolate with Alcohol 3.7%. Actual rum is inside! 2 Chocolate Bars in a box. Plump juicy raisins dipped in white rum, covered with dark rum ganache and milk chocolate.

Such a adult taste!

One package includes two chocolate bars – this item includes 3 packs!

It even says, on a box, don’t eat and drive. wow. that sounds kinda too serious to me tho… But japan is so so SO strict about drinking and driving so makes sense that lotte has to be serious too!

I’d love to have this rummy chocolate with red wine or vanilla ice cream. hmmm… yum! I can imagine they would go pretty well together. I just checked amazon to see if they carry rummy but they were out of stock. sadness. Maybe that’s because it is a limited edition chocolate, it’ll be available in winter.

rummy is pretty yummy.  + lotte japan rocks.

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