The Restaurant called “Rikyu. Mr. Dontei” at Awashima Marine Park in Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan has been started offering the Aquours Bowl, which is an original collaboration menu with Love Live! Sunshine.

The Aquour Bowl is a luxurious seafood bowl, which is made with nine ingredients that are turban shell, tuna, squid, salmon, mackerel, negitoro, whitebait, shrimp, and egg. They used nine ingredients because of Aquours is made up of nine princesses. The Aquours Bowl comes with the nine Aquours members’ character printed special seaweed and miso soup (seaweed, green onion, nameko) and costs 1800 yen.
Please try if you go to Awashima Marine Park in Numazu, Japan!
Auours-maru looks so much fun too!


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