A collaboration project of Isetan and Lupine the 3rd is holding at Isetan Shinjuku store from 22nd to 27th February, 2017 for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lupine’s birth.
There is the reproduced Lupine’s hide-out and display four successive jackets of Lupine the III. For the people who would like to purchase the jackets, they will be individually tailored by the tailors one by one.

Also, in the Kimono section, there is the residence of Goemon. Kimono of men’s tailor’s shop Y. & SONS and Japanese miscellaneous goods are deployed there.

There are also lipsticks of Lupine the III by Estee Lauder that is Lupine sent to Fujiko. You can stamp the original initials for FREE on the cap of the Lipstick.

Not only fashion goods but also there is a restaurant that imagined Lupine the III. It is a space that reproduced Lupine’s hide-out that you can enjoy the meals that were in the story as well as the full-fledged menu that related the characters.

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