Are you a fan of the anime, Macross? For those of you who are and are lucky enough to own a PS3, you can attend a virtual Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee concert Friday 7/29 and Saturday 7/30 (Japan time) through PlayStation Home!

They had three shows last weekend, and this weekend (technically today and tomorrow for us) will be the last four. Here are the show times in LA time: 7/28 9:00 pm, 7/29 4:00 am, 7/29 9:00 pm, and 7/30 4:00 am. Each show is approximately an hour long with a 10 minute intermission. It’s free and will be held at the Macross Frontier Premium Live Stage (マクロスF プレミアムライブステージ). So if you’re a big fan, check it out, but if you’re not a fan and are new to the whole virtual world, keep reading; it’s actually quite mind-blowing.

PlayStation Home is a virtual world that can be accessed with a PS3 and a PlayStation Network account. It’s basically like Second Life, but much more sophisticated and technologically advanced from what I’ve seen and the image of it being a creation by Sony. I know some of you are thinking: Okay, so what’s the big deal? You just go into a place and watch an hour long cutscene? Far from that actually. Here are a few things that make the virtual concert somewhat of a real experience:

  • Buy Merch: Outside of the venue, they sell merchandise for Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee fans. They have the Cheering Set, which comes with a happi (Japanese coat worn at matsuri/festivals) and a special cheer that you can do during the show, and they also sell shakers.

Sheryl Nome Happi

Ranka Lee Happi

Sheryl/Ranka Shakers

  • Appeal/Shout: During the concert you can cheer the singers on with certain gestures. Apparently, you have to choose the right gestures for specific moments and if done correctly, the live gets louder and better.

Sheryl Nome

Ranka Lee

Hatsune Miku 2009


Pretty crazy, no? Be sure to check it out if you can!



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