After the 9.0 quake ravaged north-eastern Japan, a lot of people have been wondering, “How can I help?”

Well, there’s a million and one charities you can donate to. Okay, maybe a million and one is a bit of an over-estimate, but there’s still a lot.

Here’s a small list of some American charities.

While that helps, charities are a middle man, and you really don’t know EXACTLY where your money is going, and if 100% of your donation is getting to the people that need it.

There’s another option. An option in which directly helps the Japanese economy. You know exactly where your money is going…

That option is: buying items made in Japan.

Now, you may be wondering, “What? How does that help?”

It helps wonders. Japanese companies are also aiding the people, and it’ll help the Japanese economy after taking such a hit. Some companies have taken a hit, and some are shut down temporarily, which will effect the strength of the Japanese economy for a while.

So, just look for the “Made in Japan” on the package or product. There’s a lot of different products out there from Japan, from electronics, clothes, music, cosmetics, movies, toys, equipment, food…just look for the “Made in Japan”.

Some devastated countries don’t have a lot of exports, and that’s where charities come in handy. However, Japan has a thriving economy driven by exporting goods all over the world, and we can support them by picking up that Wii we were putting off buying, or trying a different brand of make-up.

Whatever you choose to do to help, be it charity drives, donating, buying Japanese products, or volunteering, “ganbatte!” as they say! Do your best!

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