Japan’s internationally-famous maid cafe maidreamin will present authentic and fun maid service at the first-ever ANI:ME Abu Dhabi October 27-29. The three-day event is a celebration of Japanese popular culture, showcasing the best of anime, manga, cinema, music, and games, as well as anime-influenced comics, animation and films from around the world.


maidreamin will bring kawaii delight to their masters and princesses, with three of maidreamin’s most loved and awarded maids, Mariru (Akihabara), Hinata (Shibuya), and Peace (Shinjuku), performing songs as “maidreamin Special Unit: 003″.

Other guests at ANI:ME will include renowned Japanese cosplayer Enako, Japanese mascots SANASENABONA, manga artist Shinji Hiramatsu (Doberman Deka, Black Angels), writer Kaworu Kurosaki (Rurouni Kenshin, Captain Tsubasa), satsuma biwa musician Yuiko Mizushima, Japanese comedian Amezari Hirai, and E-Sports events presented by SUPICO featuring Japanese pro-gamers EITA (Street Fighter) and RIRAN (Call of Duty: Black Ops).

ANI:ME will also present musical performances by JAM Project, FLOW, Mika Kobayashi (Attack on Titan), and a Hatsune Miku augmented reality photo booth.

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