MAN AT ARMS forges REAL Keyblade


Okay, when I say “real,” I don’t actually mean REAL as in what in does in the Kingdom Hearts series… opening magic doors and what have you. I mean it’s an actual replica and performs like it would physically in the real world. With that said, the guys at MAN AT ARMS constructed a real life keyblade. And yes, it can actually bash at stuff without breaking. Not your typical cosplay prop! Check out the making process of the real Keyblade.

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Ouch! Something tells me these guys don’t like the SEGA Dreamcast! As you can see, it is built to details and it makes a great weapon… Err, we do not condone violence here at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi. Regardless, this replica is the best I’ve seen! It will definitely make a Sora cosplayer much more interesting although I’m not too sure if they can wield it. Looks heavy. The bigger problem it poses would be getting into conventions as they have strict policies on certain props.

MAN AT ARMS definitely deserves more attention especially with this as their latest video. Their previous works included He-Man’s Sword, Batman’s Batarang, & Finn’s Golden Sword, just to name a few. Their next project tackles Minecraft’s sword! Now that would be interesting to see. Their background is making props for movies so no doubt these skills are put to a great use! Appeasing to the nerdy fans!

For more of their work, be sure to subscribe to the MAN AT ARMS YouTube channel. And leave a comment if you would like to see a certain replica you would like them to create! My pick? Uhh duh. The Master Sword! Even though it might be quite overdone…


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