Are you getting tired of using one camera app on your phones? Or, Are you ready for something new and crazy? How about Manga Camera!!! It’s free app only available for iphone users! It’s developed in Japan ( of course! ) and you can easily turn your photos to Well-drawn Manga style using just iphones.

Did you only sleep for 2 hours last night? here, you should make something like this! ( it says, “i only slept 2 hours” )

It comes with very funny templates too so you can play with it right away. How cool is that? With sound effects too. Let’s take a look at some examples.

I played with it too! it’s super fun, you gotta try this one! I love how you can make everything super dramatic. hahaha more i use more im loving it!

Our blog is in Manga!!

GLAY concert poster. (!!!)

my friend Natsu working at office.

people do some crazy stuff in japan! if you wanna see more, go here. 

Obviously It was a big hit in JAPAN! It’s been less than a month from the release date. ( 09.14.12) as well as here in states.



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