What happens when you’re in Japan and you have a question for somebody who doesn’t speak English? You’re not going to dig through your mini 500-page vocabulary book! Who’s gonna have time for that? And what if you do find it, but your pronunciation is horrible? It’s gonna be embarrassing! But with the Mantaphrase app, finding the simple phrase to communicate with the native person can be easy as 1 2 3!

This app allows you to choose from a variety of common phrases to communicate with others where neither of you speak the respective languages. Once you selected the phrase, point at it to other person. The person can then respond with buttons or gestures. Mantaphrase is also equipped with Follow-Up Phrases in which it will suggest related questions for you to ask incase you needed more help! Now that’s service!

Mantaphrase app is just released is available for FREE (with limited options) on the App Store! (Lucky iPhone and iPod users…) It’s available in English, Chinese, and Japanese!

If you like it, you can purchase the app to unlock more useful phrases!

For more info, hit up the Mantaphrase Site!

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