SID‘s lead vocalist, Mao, excited Jrock fans earlier today with his solo debut announcement. His first single, titled “Tsuki / Hoshi“, is slated for release on June 22nd. In addition, Mao will be promoting the debut single by visiting stores all over Japan starting from May.

Check out below more details on the single as well as in-store events!

First Press Limited Edition Type A

1. 月 ( Tsuki )
2. 星 (Hoshi )

Tsuki Music Video

First Press Limited Edition Type B

1. 月 ( Tsuki )
2. 星 ( Hoshi )

Behind the scenes

Regular Edition

1. 月 ( Tsuki )
2. 星 ( Hoshi )
3. 月 -Instrumental-
4. 星 -Instrumental-

2016 In-store Tour Dates

May 3 (Tues / Public Holiday) Tokyo LaLaport Toyosu
May 4 (Wed / Public Holiday) Akita Prefecture Yokote Exchange Center Y2 Plaza
May 5 (Thurs / Public Holiday) Miyagi Prefecture Aeon Mall Natori Area
May 7 (Sat) Aichi Prefecture Kintetsu Passe
May 8 (Sun)  Aichi Prefecture Aeon Mall Kiso
May 14 (Sat) Osaka Kuzuha Mall
May 15 (Sun) Osaka Abeno Kyuzu Mall
May 21 (Sat)  Okayama Prefecture Ario Kurashiki
May 22 (Sun) Ehime Prefecture Emifuru MASAKI
May 28 (Sat) Tokyo Tokyo Dome City LaQua Garden stage
May 29 (Sun) Ibaraki Prefecture Aeon Mall Tsuchiura
June 4 (Sat) Fukuoka Prefecture Canal City Hakata
June 5 (Sun) Fukuoka Prefecture Aeon Mall Fukuoka
June 11 (Sat)  Toyama Prefecture Aeon Mall Takaoka
June 12 (Sun)  Aichi Prefecture Arsenal Kanayama
June 18 (Sat) Hokkaido Ario Sapporo
June 19 (Sun) Hokkaido Sapporo Factory

Please note that for all in-store events, the First Stage starts at 13:00 and the Second Stage starts at 16:00 except for the following:
※May 28: First Stage starts at 13:00   Second Stage starts at 17:00
※June 4:  First Stage starts 12:00     Second Stage starts at 17:00

Source and Image: Mao Official Website

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