So today, I watched the Mario Tennis Open trailers for the Nintendo 3DS and saw why it is something to look forward to.

The above is a teaser trailer which essentially shows us that Mario Tennis Open retains many of the styles and gameplays from it’s predecessors but now it is more enjoyable on a portable 3D technology. However, what interests me the most were the many additional features that will be in the game shown from these next two trailers.

The Special Games trailer shows some unique game features such as Super Mario Tennis where you not only practice your swings on a wall, but interact with old-school, retro Mario NES Maps. Seeing this made my inner childhood scream. :O Oh man, did you hear that? Classic 8-bit background music! I enjoy it whenever Nintendo incorporates a blast from the past in these newer games for us long-time gamers.

Another feature from the Special Games trailer I found interesting was the Ink Showdown. It kind of reminds me of Blooper, the squid-like creature from Mario Kart that spits ink into your screen causing you to rage as you struggle to see where you’re going. Or you may look at your mini-map when that happens. But anyway, they placed this same feature in the game except now the Black Piranha Flowers are out to screw you over… in a tennis match.

Here we have the Customization trailer that came out a few days ago and is what sets this game apart from it’s predecessors. This feature in the game is a much more personal since you get to customize your Mii character with various Tennis gears that contain special attributes such as certain rackets and certain outfits yield different power/spin/move ratings and you can mix and match these gears until you find the stats to your liking. For example, the Yoshi outfit gives your Mii a boost of speed. You can also unlock full costumes of Mario, Luigi, Peach and the rest of the gang and it will look like your character is cosplaying them!

Lastly, what I like about this game is that the old days of having your friends to own the game just to play Versus mode is gone! You can play the game locally with just one game card although I’m not sure if there is any limitability. Also, according to Satoru Shibata, the President of Nintendo Europe, you can play Mario Tennis Open in your Region’s Tournaments via Online Match Play Mode and there is even a leaderboard that displays the champions. Oh, and if you’re from Europe, keep an eye out for Shibata-san himself as he will be partaking in the tournaments as well. Don’t believe me? Hear it from the man himself @ 5:55!

Pretty exciting stuff!

The release dates are:

Japan – 5/24/2012
North America – 5/20/2012
Europe – 5/25/2012

For more info on Mario Tennis Open, check out!

Jason Vong
Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi Contributor


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