I don’t understand math. All my life, it tried its hardest to ruin school for me, confusing and angering me as I struggled to solve for x.

Of course, for some people, math is their life. They teach it, study it, and *gasp* TEACH it for a living. One such person is a Japanese man named Kokichi Sugihara. He teaches at Meiji Institute near Tokyo, and he is also known as a top-notch illusionist. As this article from NTD Television explains, Sugihara has built and demonstrated more than a hundred optical illusions in his life.

He’s traveled the world winning prizes for his brilliant designs and contraptions, which he says are effective because of how humans perceive things.

Sugihara says the success of his illusions is tied to human perception. Because humans have the capacity to perceive two-dimensional objects as being three-dimensional, they can be fooled into believing that something “impossible” is taking place during the course of the illusion.

Read more about Sugihara and his illusionary skills over at NTD.

After the break, check out this news clip about Sugihara and his “anti-gravity slide”, one of his illusions that is as confusing as it is amazing.

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