People just love the notation of calling the trend brought back from an earlier era “Neo-something”, I guess. “Shibuya-kei”, popular in the 90s represented by musicians like Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, now has been brought back by the nostalgia play and styled as “Neo-shibuya-kei”, which may not have that much electronica elements but continues with its jangling melodies and chanson-like lighthearted vibe.

As one of these “Neo-shibuya-kei” bands that came forward recently, Laura Day Romance seems to have landed success without a hitch. The band started with a duo-vocal, 3-piece line up but recruited a bassist and a drummer shortly after the release of first EP, “Her Favorite Seasons”, selling out immediately after put on the record store shelf. Formed only last year, the group has already played on the stage of one of the biggest music events in Asia, Summer Sonic Music Festival. Originated from a music circle of which members all attended Waseda, a top university in Japan, the group has been said to show considerate “literariness” in lyrics.

Laura Day Romance’s 2nd EP “Because the Night” came out on September 17th.

Track List:

  1. remember
    02. night flight
    03. seashore sounds
    04. 夜のジェットコースター
    05. 夢で逢えたら
    06. 夜ふかし

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