Mera Mera Fruit now for sale

But you won’t gain powers from eating it. (If you manage to eat this giant hunk of plastic then I commend you for your efforts).

 It’s a 33 dollar piece of plastic, but that can be said for a lot of things. Just as famous as Ace, its original user, the Mera Mera fruit can finally be a part of your home’s fake fruit décor with this life-like model of the Logia fruit from Bandai.

Images from Bandai’s Japanese site

It’s actually quite a big model reaching 150 mm (roughly 6 inches). Comparatively, I always assumed that the Devil Fruits were just large apples but this Mera Mera fruit model is the size of a melon! It just goes to show how hard it must have been to eat Devil Fruits (if you ignore anime logic).

Japanese lady’s head for scale.

Show off your love of One Piece and Ace with this magnificent model of a fake fruit.

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