Milky candy! Have you tried them before? It’s a soft candy sold by Fujiya Co.(Japanese confectionery company) since 1951 and Peko-chan is their mascot character.  They have many flavors (we cover the soft cream and the salt flavor)but the traditional flavor is milk and it comes in a red bag like this with Peko-chan in the middle-

Yummmmmmm~ and there other collaboration products with BANDAI like these!

From the left milky lip cream, milky hand cream, and mask!   Soooo kawaii (T-T)

face oil blotting paper and Peko-chan shampoo/conditioner

milky blanket and cushion set and cushion

milky tissue cover, Peko-chan cushion, and Peko-chan tissue cover

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  1. hihi,

    can i make order about peko product and transfer to hongkong, such as handcream and lipcream? if yes, please let me know the detail information and price. many thanks!

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