The PV for Shinsei Kamattechan‘s song “Jibunrashiku (2015 ver.)” has been upload onto Warner Music Japan‘s official YouTube channel.


The PV, directed by Smith, stars former AKB48 kenkyuusei Mitsumune Kaoru. After resigning from the group, she has been active in both acting and modeling. 

On her first time meeting and working with Noko (Vo, G), Mitsumune commented, “I’ve been listening to Shinsei Kamattechan long before I was given this job. I love ‘Nakama wo Sagashitai’ and ‘Ultimate Laser!’.” After hearing this comment, Noko said, “I’m happy and nervous.” 

Jibunrashiku (2015 ver.)” will be included in Shinsei Kamattechan’s best-of album “Best Kamattechan” that’s scheduled for release on June 24. 

Source & Image: natalie and  Tokyohive

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