We all have our favorite soft drinks- Coke, 7UP, Root Beer, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, to name a few.  I love SODA and till this day there has not been a brand that has taken the top spot for my love,  MITSUYA CIDER! Mitsuya Cider is the oldest non-alcoholic cider first sold in 1884 and is now produced by Asahi.  On a hot summer day/night, Mitsuya Cider is like an oasis to your mouth.  It is a natural drink without preservatives or artificial flavors.  If you love soda and haven’t tried Mitsuya Cider, please do! You can find it at any convenience store in Japan, I have seem them in some Asian markets in Los Angeles.

This spring, a reprint edition of Mitsuya Cider was released for a limited time.

There are Mitsuya Cider Candies too!

And available from June- Salt flavor

Also, my favorite way to enjoy Mitsuya Cider is in the form of an ICE CREAM FLOAT!!! Yummmy! Get a scoop of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream(Yes, it has to be Häagen-Dazs) and pour Mitsuya Cider! Best simple dessert EVER!

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  1. Is Mitsuya Cider somehow related to the car brand Mitsubishi?
    Both of their logos seem very similar.

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