Everyone knows AKB48. Now do you know what MKB68 is?

MKB68 is the title of the recruit poster that the Mie Prefectural Police adopted. “M (Mie) K (Keisatsu or police) B (Boshu or recruitment) 68 (68 spots open)” The subtitle says “Your stage is in Mie. 68 people to protect Mie wanted.” This unique poster is created as a result of a decline in applicants each year. They hope that this effort would attract as many young people as possible.


Here’s a couple of other posters from the past with unique catch lines.

Osaka Prefectural Police: If an apology solves everything, we don’t need police!

Shiga Prefectural Police: “It’s probably not like TV drama but it’s a very dramatic job.”

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