.moe Domain now exists

(Moe, for those that don’t know, is an all-encompassing term for a feeling or characteristic of fictional characters that draws out emotion from the viewer which is also attributed as “pseudo-love” for fictional characters. “Cute girls doing cute things” is a facet of moe.)

In a move that surprised everyone (since it was assumed to be an April Fool’s joke), Interlink Co., Ltd is now the registry operatory for TOP-LEVEL .moe domains. What does this mean? It means you can have “moe.moe” as an actual webpage. Everyone is eligible to claim a .moe domain, all you have to do is send a message to Interlink.


Here’s a schedule from their website, which, unsurprisingly, sports the .moe:

Founders Program: 2014/4/10 (02:00 UTC) – 2014/6/13 (15:00 UTC) [Over]

Allocation of Founders Domains: 2014/4/10 (02:00 UTC)* [Over]

Sunrise Period: 2014/5/13 (02:00 UTC) – 2014/6/13 (15:00 UTC)

Landrush Period: 2014/6/17 (15:00 UTC) – 2014/7/18 (15:00 UTC)

General Registration Period: 2014/7/22 (02:00 UTC)

Every anime-related site is now fighting for the moe.moe/kyun webpage so good luck to you all! Other than that, other than the novelty, no one other than hardcore otaku would register for a domain but it’s great to see actual domains to quantify how much one has love for the moe~!

Apply for your .moe domain today!



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