The Rediscovery of Taste! Let’s Eat Japanese Rice Moe Rice series  by Adult game software maker, Chewable Soft,  and popular MOE painter, GINTA, has released a package illustration of From Okayama, Silk Daughter Kinu Mimasaka plain clothes edition, and will be shipped from May 10th, 2012.

This Rediscover the Taste series is a project to promote farm rice and a brand of the rice which is tasty but not widely known. Character theme named after the brand-origin of each season will be the same, but are gaining popularity due to its package illustration being changed every month. 2nd volume to be released this time has 5Kg, name of rice is ” From Okayama Prefecture silk daughter”, and sales are made ​​only at the official website. Order period is from 00:00 to 23:59 April 25, April 11. 2,780 yen (about $32). Also, the second volume comes with bonus illustrations postcards and download cards of flirting voices of the characters. Flirting voice can be downloaded from official site using the ID and password that is listed on the of the back package. Ai Fukada is doing voice over of Kinu Misaku.

Official Site

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