Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming to the 3DS early 2015

 The series that pretty much saved the PSP in Japan has released its fourth installment and will be making its way to the west early 2015. I personally don’t understand MoHun craze that has swept many a gamers into its clutches. One Monster Hunter (he’s probably a literal monster hunter now) reportedly spent THREE THOUSAND hours playing the original. Monster Hunter isn’t an MMO either (although you can party up with your friends in groups of four) and most of the game is spent killing gargantuan monsters that can take between 30 to 45 minutes to beat and skin them for material to craft better and cooler looking gear. It is one of the most grind-heavy games I know.

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But enough about stuff everyone already knows, let’s talk about the latest installment, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. So far there is no news whether it is going to come to the Wii U (which desperately needs quality games) and has only been confirmed on the 3DS. Of course, since it’s a new game there will be new monsters to hunt and skin but there will also be fan favorites returning. Japan received a Link hunter outfit as well as Mario and Luigi Felyne (little cat sidekicks that help you while you hunt) so hopefully these will be brought over to the west along with the release of the game. If they do, I might consider giving the game another try. I HOPE YOU’RE LISTENING CAPCOM/NINTENDO…but you’re most likely not.

Image from Joystiq

Source: Capcom Unity

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