Mori Calliope, a VTuber artist who has captivated fans worldwide with her distinctive blend of Japanese and English lyrics and outstanding rap skills, is set to release her second major album, PHANTOMIME, worldwide on August 16.

The album title, PHANTOMIME, is a portmanteau of “phantom” and “pantomime,” representing Mori Calliope (the phantom) putting on performances (the pantomime) as a virtual artist. The album conveys a message of living not for others but for oneself and seeking hope even amidst anguish.

This album will include a total of ten tracks, including “Tide,” a collaboration song with Al that attracted a lot of attention upon its release in April 2024, “SNEAKING,” an official collaboration song with the Metal Gear series, and “Go-Getters,” the ending theme of the TV anime Suicide Squad ISEKAI, which is set to begin airing in July 2024.

Additionally, a standard edition that comes with a handwritten autograph card will be available for preorder for just one week (until 10:59 on June 5 JST) on the Mori Calliope Official International Online Shop. Please order your copy while stocks last!


Mori Calliope
Mori Calliope is a VTuber artist who is popular not only in Japan but worldwide. Captivating fans with her distinctive blend of Japanese and English lyrics and outstanding rap skills, she made her major debut with Universal Music in 2022. Her latest EP, “JIGOKU 6,” topped the iTunes Album Rock Charts in nine countries and regions worldwide and secured a place on the US Billboard World Album and Top Album Sales charts, further expanding her reputation as a “Made in Japan” artist on the global stage.

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