June 10th is Milk Caramel Day in Japan. To celebrate it, Morinaga is collaborating with several restaurants that are offering menu items that incorporate Morinaga’s famous milk caramel. Most of the dishes look delicious, but a couple of them are quite questionable.

Momi & Toy’s – caramel drizzled on caramel ice cream with apricot jam

Mini One – mini apple pie filled with caramel custard and topped with crunchy caramel bits

Mrs. Stella’s Cookie – milk caramel cookies

Hanamaru – fried and salted udon with caramel dipping sauce.

Pizza Hut – dessert pizza with colorful marshmallows, almonds, and caramel.

Here are the two items that I wouldn’t go near.

Kura Sushi – caramel corn mayonaise. Nope.

Kura Sushi – caramel banana sushi. NOPE.

Would you try one of the items from Kura Sushi?

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  1. I would eat the caramel banana sushi before i would go even near that pizza hut stuff ^^
    But the item i would be most interested in trying are the deep fried udon with caramel dipping sauce. I dont eat a lot of sweet stuff, but i might have to try making those myself…

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