MOS BURGER is back again with another delicious limited menu item! This time, they have released Bistro Sandwich: Red Wine Beef Stew.

This new autumn menu presents the delicate taste of a bistro cuisine. The main is the beef stew, simmered in red wine for a fair texture; the side is mashed potato. With the addition of cabbage and lettuce, the meal is completed with millet buns. Enjoy the rich taste of Western dishes in a casual atmosphere!

So what does this new sandwich taste like? A GIGAZINE writer went to find out!


After hearing that this new item features a rich taste unimaginable from a normal burger, I decided to try out the Bistro Sandwich at a MOS BURGER myself.


I arrived at a MOS BURGER to try out this new menu!



I found promotional posters around the store.


The order arrived in around five minutes. The Bistro Sandwich has two variations: one with sliced cheese and one without. This time, I ordered the former. MOS BURGER held a tasting party prior to actual sales for the Bistro Sandwich. Attendees mentioned that the fries went well with the sandwich sauce, so I ordered those as well.


This is the Bistro Sandwich: Red Wine Beef Stew with Sliced Cheese.


The millet buns include a mixture of rye, barley, corn grits, and black sesame.


Under the top bun is mashed potato and beef stew simmered in red wine.


Below that is shredded cabbage and lettuce, along with sliced cheese.


It looks like this when you take off the top.


The height is around half of an iPhone 6.


The length is around this size.


The soft beef stew with a slight texture mixes well with the crispy texture of the cabbage and lettuce. The beef, simmered deeply with red wine, onions, carrots, celeries, tomatoes, and rosemary, creates a rich, yet gentle taste. One can surely taste the sweetness of vegetables and the flavor of red wine and rosemary.

The seasoning features less sodium, making one almost forget that the sandwich is from a fast food restaurant. The thickness and aroma along with the sweet vegetables surrounds your mouth. The addition of mashed potato brings in a mellow taste. The sliced cheese adds to the thickness, so for those demanding a fulfilling meal, I’d recommend ordering this addition.


If you eat the fries with the sauce, you can enjoy the flavor of the red wine stew even more, changing your average fries into a rich-tasting side dish.

The Bistro Sandwich of MOS BURGER does not have the usual “junk food” feel of a hamburger, and instead is a casual and speedy way to enjoy a Western meal. For those demanding the “junk food” burger, this menu may not be enough, but for those interested in a slight richer taste, this may be the go-to burger.

Bistro Sandwich: Red Wine Beef Stew (¥450) and Bistro Sandwich: Red Wine Beef Stew with Sliced Cheese (¥480) will be sold in limited quantities in stores nationwide starting on September 8, 2015.


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