Is it spring yet? Well, we are all sick of the cold weather but what better way to warm ourselves up with MOTSUNABE? What’s motsunabe? It is a nabe (hot pot) from Fukuoka!  Motsunabe is prepare with beef or pork intestines, cabbage, garlic, tofu, scallion, and soup.  There are variations in the soup base: salt, soy sauce, miso, and spicy miso.  Motsunabe was thought to be an older generation food, but these days girls in their 20’s enjoys it too! Motsunabe is now become a standard nabe around Tokyo.

You might think- “Ew.  Intestines? That is gross!” BUT before you say that, give it a try! I used to think it was gross but after one bite, you’ll keep coming for more.    Even if you are not traveling to Fukuoka there is this famous Motsunabe restaurant that has several stores in Tokyo.  It is called Hanamidori ! Make sure you try out motsunabe when you are in Japan!


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