Jiro Dreams of Sushi recounts the life of 85 year old Jiro, the most renowned sushi chef in the entire world. You’ve probably heard about it already. I have’t watched it yet but when I do, I will share my thoughts with you guys! He’s an obsessed and dedicated artist who was kicked out of his parent’s home as a young boy, and found his survival building a career in sushi. He now runs a small sushi restaurant in Japan that seats 10 people a night, and must be booked years in advance. Eating at Jiro’s restaurant is an honor thought out to the T. The story recounts his relationship with his sons and other young protégés. Working under Jiro is an intense and brutal training, not meant for those who crack easily under pressure. Above all, this documentary is a visual masterpiece. The food, the scenery, the shots and the camera angles are beyond pleasing to the eye, and definitely worth a watch.

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