Unfortunately, it’s not a post about the wonderful concoction of sake and beer, BUT it is about an awesome road movie directed, written, and starred by our Japanese friends.

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The movie is about Sebastian (Eugene Kim), an angry white-washed Japanese guy, and his fob cousin, Naoto (Gaku Hamada), who comes to the US to find out what happened to his ex-girlfriend who suddenly left Japan for California. Like a typical road movie, Sebastian reluctantly takes Naoto up north to find this girl and along the way, they meet interesting people and run into problems. The humor hinges on racial stereotypes, so it’s not for the overly sensitive, but I think it can help spark some important conversations within the Asian American community. It was also refreshing to see an extremely diverse cast on screen!

Sake-Bomb had its theatrical premiere in LA on Friday night at the Downtown Independent. You can still catch Sake-Bomb at the Downtown Independent until November 14th! Do it!

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