I came across to this post “muji envy” over apartment therapy site today. Muji is a brand from japan. all the products are  very simple, high designed and echo-friendly.  It’s actually affordable too. It won’t be hard to find stores in japan and you will end up spending 2 hours browsing so many goodies!

MUJI products vividly embody both our product-design methods and our overall philosophy. Since its birth in 1980, the MUJI brand has attracted a steadily increasing number of consumers, precisely because of our growing understanding and refining of sales principles. (source : about)

Currently, retail stores are limited, only in NYC in US. However they have launched online store!

I really, really hope they open a West Coast store soon and i dont have to shop online anymore! My favorite thing about Muji is that they have the coolest stationary selections. { very stylish } You will love it. i know it!

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