This weekend, the Fuji Rock Festival will take place at the Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture. The 3-day music festival will feature, among other acts, headliners Incubus, Wilco, and Coldplay. It’s on track to crack the 100,000 mark in attendance over the weekend, making it another successful year for the long-running fest.

This article from the Washington Times highlights Japan’s music festivals that are still taking place, despite the country’s long, painful recovery from the devastation caused by March’s events.

Fuji Rock Festival founder Masa Hidaka had no plans to cancel this year’s festival, instead saying that the Japanese people “need it”. It’s a nice getaway from the stresses of a recovering nation, and should also help boost the economy with the influx of ticket sales and costs associated with the show. In the article, Hidaka is quoted as saying “They need to spend the money, drink alcohol, have a good time and raise money for the disaster victims”.

Read the rest of the piece for more insight into Hidaka’s festival and the current state of the Japanese economy, and how the two are related.

The Summer Sonic Festival will take place the following weekend, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, X Japan, and others headlining at the Makuhari Convention Center in Tokyo. It’s nice to see these festivals still go on, especially when certain pop singers and artists cancelled Japanese tour dates in the wake of the events back in March.


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