I love usingJapanese KAOMOJI // EMOJI  If you ever used LINE APP you know what I’m talking about! Emotions, Emoji, Kaomoji are so fun to use over texts and emails! Today I wanna introduce you to this new Free App made in Japan! It’s a FREE too! I just downloaded it to my iphone and can’t wait to play with it!

This new app is called 使える顔文字一覧, tukaeru kaomoji ichiran. So happy I found this app! 

First, you have to browse tons of kawaii / kakkoii / sugoi KAOMOJI. Because there’re so many of them to pick from! 

This app is awesome.

You can copy your favorite Kaomoji and download them to your iphone, and use it over and over again. Basically, you pick the ones you like from hundreds of KAOMOJI dictionary from the app, and download them on your phone individually.

On the top bar, you can pick “NORMAL” and “SPECIAL + Not-Normal ” and then there’re many categories by emotions to choose from.  For example, うれしい( Happy ) かなしい( Sad ) むかつく(Mad) あいさつ( Hello ) あせる(in Hurry) ラブ(Love) / etc.

  • Tap Kaomoji to copy! 

  • Tap “address book icon” to save it to your iphone!  

When you save one to your phone, The Group, 使える顔文字一覧, will be created and when you tap 【^_^】on your keyboard ( you have to turn on the Japanese keyboard inorder to use this app properly. ), all the KAOMOJI you saved on your phone will show up! Easy right?

What a cute interfase! Enjoy! (Source)

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