I’ll admit it took me a long time to get into Japanese food. I never had it as a child, but when I finally had some sushi about five years ago I was instantly hooked. Now I have a craving for a Dragon Roll every other day or so; my sushi cravings are insatiable.

Well, a new addition to my obsession is mochi. These delectable little balls of ice cream covered by a rice paste gel are my new favorite thing ever. I had some when I visited Little Tokyo in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, and now I want it every day. In particular, the mochi pictured above is incredible. You get six little mochi balls for about 3 dollars at Trader Joe’s. These exact ones were what the store in Little Tokyo was selling, so it’s clearly a favorite.

I recently finished an entire box and was sad when there were no more inside. I should go buy some more soon.

I could seriously eat mochi all day. I felt the need to make this post just to profess my love for mochi and now I just want to go buy some boxes and eat them all. Now.

It even brings people together for the New Year. It really is quite amazing.

Edit: I realize that ice cream Mochi isn’t the traditional red bean-paste incarnation of mochi, it is instead a new Americanized version of a famous Japanese treat. Regardless, I like it in whatever form it has, including the original traditional Japanese mochi. It’s just all so good.

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  1. Yum! I especially like the “chocolate chocolate” variety from that brand. What flavor did you try?

    I have to admit that I’m not as into the red bean paste variety of mochi either, though white bean is all right. And there are some that don’t have a filling at all, of course.

    Mochi doesn’t always have to be a dessert though. It can be made without sugar, and even grilled a bit, and can be put into hot bowls of noodle and broth, like udon or soba. It melts a bit from the heat and doesn’t have much flavor on its own, but it’s nice in combination.

    Lots more info here 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the info! I’ve only had the ice cream mochi, so I didn’t know it had all these other uses as well! I’ll have to try some of them sometime.

    On a side note, I linked to your page on our blogroll here, would you be interested in posting our link in your blogroll as well? that would be awesome if you did. let me know. thanks!


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