Oh man. I miss Nagashi Somen a lot. It’s one of the hottest summer traditions in Japan, the outdoor party cuisine! After seeing all the photos of people having the best time : enjoying nagashi somen, reminds me of my childhood and next time im in Japan, I’ll definitely eat Nagashi Somen!!!

What is Nagashi somen?

Have you had SOMEN before? They are very thin and white, Japanese noodle made of wheat flour. Its really light so you can eat a lot of it. You boil somen for 1 or 2 mins and ready to go! Go outside and pick the best spot because you don’t wanna be too low, too far from the top maybe in a middle part is the best spot.

A Fun part starts here! Somen are put in water flowing along a long bamboo gutter. (Shown in the photos below. )
In order to enjoy somen, you’ll have to catch the noodles with your chopsticks ( move fast) , dip them in somen cold soup ( with green onions / gingers and wasabi if you’d like! ) , and eat them. Nagashi Somen Party is so fun!


Look how happy these boys are! So kawaii!


They are Nagashi Somen restaurants during summer and here’s a good one in Kyoto. If you wish to go and find more info, here. ( I would love to go oneday! ) Remember, they are only open during summer!


How amazing is that?!

I also found an amazing home video! Check this out.

All I can say is that eating noodles has never been this fun. I highly recommend you to try next time you go to Japan!

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