Nagisa Momoe Hat from Madoka

-Slight spoilers for those who haven’t seen the latest Madoka movie.-

I know some of you who watched Madoka Magica: Rebellion thought to yourselves, “Man, I wish I had Nagisa Momoe’s cute hat.” Well, your wishes have come true in the form of a physical hat that costs 3,780 yen with tax (roughly 37 USD) from Movic. It’ll ship on May 22nd. (It hasn’t been listed as of the posting of this article so check back at a later date. May 22nd is a safe bet.)

Glorious white wig not included.

What’s great about this hat is that it’s understated and low-key enough to wear out in public. Finally, a character good you can wear every day.

If cute hats aren’t your thing then you can also check out the accessories available on Movic as well.

So many accessories that you might lose your head going through them.

Source: Crunchyroll and Movic



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