Namie Amuro released the music video for “Birthday” off of her new album, “_genic”. 

The music video captures how the singer spends her birthday, just as the song title suggests. To convey the fact that a birthday is a special day of the year, presents, balloons, and champagne were built into a set that was made “just for the main character”.


Furthermore, the MV was also Amuro’s first one-shot music video. The video was shot in one long take to show the main character’s day from morning to night. The dance scenes and the quick-changes in the dressing room were all done without a single edit. Amuro, her dancers, and all cast members rehearsed intricate movements several times. During rehearsal, there was a lot of trouble getting the dressing room portion of the video to time out correctly.

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However, when it came time to roll camera, the first take came out perfectly. Everybody’s excitement can be seen at the end of the music video.

“_genic” is Amuro’s first album in two years and is made up of all previously unreleased music. The DVD/Blu-ray edition includes the “Birthday” music video as well as videos for “Golden Touch”, “Fashionista”, “Stranger”, and “Anything”.

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